About Us

William Sergeant Pepper is a designer craftsman specializing in custom cabinetry and fine furniture pieces. He is a native of IMG_0602Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has been at his trade for 35 years. He began his craft of custom cabinetry renovating very old houses in Philadelphia. As he fell in love with the grain and the texture of the wood he focused on cabinetry and furniture. He moved to the Rogue Valley in 1988 and has been practicing his craft here ever since.

Custom Cabinetry

Let us create uniquely crafted cabinetry for your home or office. Be it your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or a special wall unit for your living room or study, we will tailor an environment especially for you. You can have exactly what you want and sized exactly to your needs. You have your choice of style, design, wood, and a quality finish. The product you receive is perfectly crafted for a lifetime of joy and usefulness.

Our Assurance to You

We ensure that all of our pieces will meet and exceed your expectations. Whether it is a traditional or contemporary style, it is our job to design the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or any cabinetry you choose and then to create them for you to your satisfaction. If you own a commercial establishment we will design and create the display cases you require.

We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures of William’s cabinetry and furniture. If you would like to contact him please feel free to do so. All consultations and preliminary drawings are free. Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

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