A Beatles Record and A Magazine

What is in a name?  We have already discussed the fact that I am the original Sergeant Pepper.  The  fine furniture part comes from the name of a magazine, home_furniturenow discontinued, from the Taunton Press, think “Fine Woodworking.”  Where “Fine Woodworking” focuses on tools and craftsmanship, “Fine Furniture” was about design, not how a piece is put together in a certain way but why.  The last copy of “Fine Furniture” that I read had a letter from a reader complaining of elite ideas and asking for more instruction on building bird houses and such.   As the market is flooded with opportunities to read about building birdhouses, doghouses, and bread boards, so are we flooded with an abundance of functionally attractive cabinetry and furniture.  What I try to do is reach into the very heart of the function of a piece and your own personal taste and then push the envelope, every time.  “Fine Furniture” is sadly no longer available except for back issues.  William Pepper Fine Furniture, however, is open for your business.

Note: As it turns out, the actual name of that magazine was “Home Furniture.”  But it comes from the publishers at “Fine Woodworking” and “Fine Homebuilding” so it’s understandable that I would mis-remember the name and, as it turns out, name my company after what I thought it was instead of what it really was.