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In The Craftsman Style

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I want to write a little bit about different styles of furniture and cabinetry.   I have selected the craftsman style of furniture to write about today because it is one of William’s favorites. The craftsman style in America was helped along by the British school of Arts and Crafts. The movement had its roots in the desire to promote handmade crafts over the mass produced ones of the industrial revolution. Shaker furniture and mission style furniture were definitely progenitors of the craftsman style. The name Craftsman comes from a...

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Observing the Process

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William is busy right now doing what he does best, living the process of creating a new kitchen, this time for two clients in Medford, Oregon.  I have been observing the process of being and doing what it takes to have the privilege of creating a kitchen and other cabinetry for a home.  The first step is getting the call, the call that invites William to learn about a new project.  This particular project came with plans of the space so William had to draw the kitchen and other cabinetry so the clients could see what his vision was for...

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The Ginger Jar Coffee Table

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I’d like to talk a bit about the coffee table I just made.  My wife had shown me some pictures of coffee tables she liked of similar design.  What intrigued me was the similarity of the leg profile to the shape of a vase that we got from my mother.  It is a basic ginger jar shape.  I’ve seen it a lot in Chinese designs.  We have another piece in the same room that I had made recently that was figured maple so we decided to go with that.  The problem with figured maple is that it can be a bit chaotic or busy especially in a 3’x4’...

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A Beatles Record and A Magazine

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What is in a name?  We have already discussed the fact that I am the original Sergeant Pepper.  The  fine furniture part comes from the name of a magazine, now discontinued, from the Taunton Press, think “Fine Woodworking.”  Where “Fine Woodworking” focuses on tools and craftsmanship, “Fine Furniture” was about design, not how a piece is put together in a certain way but why.  The last copy of “Fine Furniture” that I read had a letter from a reader complaining of elite ideas and asking for...

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What do you want from a service?  You want to get what you paid for.  You don’t just want any desk you probably have a pretty good idea of what that desk should look like. The specifics of the agreement are very important to you.  Here is where integrity plays a major role in creating an agreement or contract that will get you what you paid for.  You want the person you are dealing with to stand by their work.  If it isn’t up to your expectation you want them to make it right.  You want to be fully satisfied with the work that is...

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Rarely have I seen William more excited than when he received a call from a woman who had a chestnut tree taken down on her property and wanted someone to make some furniture for her and her family.  Now I recommend that you open the power point presentation by clicking on the link in the next sentence.  The power point presentation is called “How 2 tables and 12 chairs were created”.  He meets with the woman who owns the wood and she says she wants the 2 tables and 12 chairs for her two children.  Each would get, as a gift, a dining...

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Sergeant Pepper’s blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas that lovers of woodworking will find fun and informative. First off it is best to explain the name of the blog. William Pepper’s full name is William Sergeant Pepper. It has been his name since 1952. You will notice that 1952 is pre-Beatles and so it was his name before it became famous on the album cover and song title, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” With a name like that you can’t help yourself. You just have to use the moniker, you just do. So license...

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