Commercial Cabinets


Do you need commercial display cabinets for your business? Take a look at our gallery of beautiful and functional pieces. See three different shops with different design solutions. We design the cabinetry after consultation with the business owner and then together we choose the finish that will display the beauty of the wood but also give lasting protection. The cabinets in our galleries are as beautiful as any you would place in your home. Throughout the process we work with you from design to installation to guarantee you get the product you expect and deserve.

We are pleased to share with you the cabinetry of three area businesses, ArtFx, Nimbus, and Pelo and Piel.  Also, we present the City Hall, Eagle Point, OR  showcases. Just click on the link to view the project galleries. When you are finished viewing the galleries click on the “x” at the upper left hand side of the picture to leave the gallery.

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