What do you want from a service?  You want to get what you paid for.  You don’t just want any desk you probably have a pretty good idea of what that desk should look like. The specifics of the agreement are very important to you.  Here is where integrity plays a major role in creating an agreement or contract that will get you what you paid for.  You want the person you are dealing with to stand by their work.  If it isn’t up to your expectation you want them to make it right.  You want to be fully satisfied with the work that is done for your project.  William has integrity. He is talented and artistic but foremost he has integrity.  So at the outset of a project there is a contract that protects you both.  The contract is very specific. You can tell if he is delivering exactly what he said he would. The contract also states the completed price and how it will be collected. You get to agree to the terms.  If in the future something happens to your furniture, cabinet(s), or built-ins he will come back and fix it for you.  If he is responsible then he will not charge you.  That is integrity.  Take a moment to read the testimonials on the website.  This is but a small number of his clients and in everyone you get the feeling that William has integrity.

In life we seek the same thing in our interactions with others.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make a written contract so we have something concrete toIntegrity copy point to when things aren’t going as we planned? This just isn’t how it works in our daily lives.  We have to trust that when we make agreements with friends and family everyone will follow through.  We are responsible to assess who is this person and whether they have the integrity to be trusted even in the simplest ways.  Is this someone I can trust in the future?  Can I do this with them again? Is it safe? Do they have integrity? After it happens more than once we probably learn that we cannot have a relationship with that person in the way we hoped we could.  If we wish to be happy we will accept that conclusion and avoid those situations.  It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends or acquaintances.  We simply know that what we hoped for won’t happen.  So how we behave in business and in life is a direct reflection of who we are, our integrity.  Maybe we decide to not do this again.   A pen has a specific function.  You write with it on paper or other surfaces.  The pen won’t help you eat your dinner; the pen just isn’t a fork.   They are capable of different services so to speak.  It’s the same with people.  Some people will have integrity on a particular issue and some simply cannot be there for us.  In our business dealings it costs us money.  In our daily lives and interactions it can cost us trust and a sense of well-being.   Choose wisely who you deal with.  Look for integrity in yourself and others.