Observing the Process

William is busy right now doing what he does best, living the process of creating a new kitchen, this time for two clients DSC_0055in Medford, Oregon.  I have been observing the process of being and doing what it takes to have the privilege of creating a kitchen and other cabinetry for a home.  The first step is getting the call, the call that invites William to learn about a new project.  This particular project came with plans of the space so William had to draw the kitchen and other cabinetry so the clients could see what his vision was for their home.  William likes to draw his plans by hand.  Perhaps he is more connected to the drawings that way. This process takes many hours of focus before they are ready to be presented.  Up to the point the client decides to hire him to do the cabinetry for their home all of this is done under the banner “free estimate”.  If the client decides to go a different route then that is the end of it. At this point in the process his present clients were pleased with the plans and ready to go forward.  The process isn’t quick it takes time.  The decision to go with a particular cabinet maker is a very big one.  You really have to feel it as well as think it.  Once that decision is made however the next step in the process is to draw up a contract in which the specifics of the project are carefully lined out.  Contracts are important to maintain the integrity of the project for both the cabinet maker and the client. Every detail is lined out. In this instance the contract has been signed and a meeting was held between the clients, designer, and William to discuss any changes that might be needed before any material is actually cut.  The plans are redrawn to reflect the changes and now the fun begins.  The shop drawings, which also take quite a bit of time and skill, are drawn.  How is the job broken down?  What pieces go into making the cabinetry?  You start with pieces of plywood and wood and from that comes the parts of the cabinetry which all have to fit together to create the cabinets.  The shop drawings lead to a cut list.  This is what is actually cut, the number and the size.  This is where he is right now in the process of creating this kitchen.  It is the very beginning of the project.  As it goes along I’ll keep you informed about the process.  It’s been pretty interesting to me to see a project go from drawings on a piece of paper to a beautiful and functional kitchen.  I’ll also work on getting pictures as he proceeds through the process.  Until next time.