The Chestnut Tree

Rarely have I seen William more excited than when he received a call from a woman who had a chestnut tree taken down on her property and IMG_0603wanted someone to make some furniture for her and her family.  Now I recommend that you open the power point presentation by clicking on the link in the next sentence.  The power point presentation is called “How 2 tables and 12 chairs were created”.  He meets with the woman who owns the wood and she says she wants the 2 tables and 12 chairs for her two children.  Each would get, as a gift, a dining room set.  Well he was really excited about the process and I thought it would be fun to document the journey.  We are still not finished with the project since the chairs have not been upholstered and we have no completed sets to show you but the journey itself has been fascinating to watch and I thought you might enjoy it as well.  If you haven’t already now is the time to open the power point presentation and follow along with the narrative.  So one day William goes to the place that is holding the raw wood from the downed tree. It turns out that although the tree surgeon cut down the tree and cut it into two logs one of the logs was definitely not chestnut. So now there is half a chestnut tree. He mills the wood and stacks it and prepares it to be turned into furniture. At this point he finds out that it won’t be enough to make all the pieces. Chestnut wood isn’t easy to find so the first obstacle presents itself. He can’t finish the entire job with the wood milled from only one part of the tree. So he is deep into finding the chestnut and as is usually the case he finds enough to cover what he needs. So, big sigh of relief and the project moves forward!

The next thing he needed to do was create a mockup out of pine for the client to see what the final product will look like.  As you can see from the photo it really looks very much like the final product (slide #8).  At this stage William and the client tweaked the table base just a little but basically the design stayed the same.  The mockup of the chair and table were complete and now the parts of the design needed to be cut out.  The table top, chair legs, chair backs, and all the other parts of the chairs and tables were cut out and produced for all twelve chairs and two tables. Scroll through the presentation and see the production of the tables and chairs.  You can see the process of gluing up a chair with all the parts.  You will see the beautiful joints and the grain of the wood as you scroll through.  One of the things that William really loves is matching grains. See what that means in slide #28 of the power point presentation.  Finally we did get some pictures of the chairs and tables with the finish on them (slides #31 and #32). These were taken at the finishing shop in Medford, OR. The chairs are being upholstered and we look forward to seeing them completed.  We hope you enjoyed our journey into the creation of 2 tables and 12 chairs.  We’ll be back soon.