What’s in a name?

Sergeant Pepper’s blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas that lovers of woodworking will find fun and informative. First off it is best to explain the name of the blog. William Pepper’s full name is William Sergeant Pepper. It has been his name since 1952. You will notice that 1952 is pre-Beatles and so it was his name before it became famous on the album cover and song title, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” With a name like that you can’t help yourself. You just have to use the moniker, you just do. So license plates, email addresses, and user names in general will see that moniker for our talented guy. He has a license plate in Southern Oregon that reads “SgtPep.” He has an email address attached to this website that uses the user name “sgtpep. “ He ran an ad once in the 90s “Sergeant Pepper is alive and well and living in the Rogue Valley.” It got a good response and he did get some work from it. So once you have a name like Sergeant Pepper you can’t help yourself. Everywhere you turn there is the opportunity to play off the power and name recognition of those four young men. So that explains the use of Sergeant Pepper’s Blog.

William and I, the IT person, aka his wife, will be trading off posts. I will probably be talking about the business, current state of affairs anywhere, and generally fun topics. He will talk about some of the things he has learned in the 40 years he has been working with wood. I promise you he is a very clever fellow and you could find yourself enjoying the stuff he turns out both in the shop and on this blog. So we look forward to informing and entertaining and hopefully getting you more interested in custom cabinetry and furniture and other things. Happy Saturday. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll be back with a post soon.

Blog post Entry #1 November 9, 2013.

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